Pilgrimage to Pentecost Trailer

“Finally an influential leader in the Evangelical Movement takes a new look at an old story, the Day of Pentecost and the events that led up to it.”

Against the backdrop of biblical history and first century Israel, Phil Brassfield will lead you on an amazing quest to discover what really happened at Pentecost, the journey that led to it, and how it can impact your life in a fresh and powerful way. Discover your own destiny as you walk with Jesus and his first disciples toward one of the great defining moments of all of religious history, the outpouring at Pentecost that birthed the church. And as you make the trip with them, youʼll experience the Passion, Purpose, and Power of the fulfillment of Godʼs promise in your life as well!

What Leaders Are Saying…

“Dr. Phillip Brassfield is a brilliant bible scholar, an excellent communicator, and a personal friend of mine. He combines his in-depth knowledge of the scripture and a life-long walk with God to unfold this masterpiece of biblical truth. I can say confidently that he has a revelation on the subject and his passion for its application in our lives is obvious in every sentence. “Pilgrimage to Pentecost” inspired me to study the scripture more thoroughly and to pursue God with greater fervency. This book has the power to elevate a reader to a new plateau of understanding and relationship with God.

Bishop Randy Clark
Triumph Church, Sugarland, Texas

“Every time I have a conversation with Phil Brassfield I walk way smarter and challenged.  His passion for Christ and the Word is contagious.  Phil has long been a preacher’s preacher and a minister’s friend.  Now, with Pilgrimage To Pentecost, he has broken into the circle of 21st Century theologians and authors who are making a difference one reader at a time.  I am a third generation Pentecostal minister. I cut my teeth on the pine wood pews of my dad’s Pentecostal church.  There’s not much I haven’t seen or experienced in the Spirit-filled movement.  Pilgrimage To Pentecost has given me new revelation and insight on something that was never meant to be just an experience, but a lifestyle.  Phil literally and figuratively takes Pentecost out of the Upper Room and shows how it fits in the every day challenges of life.  I commend to you my dear friend’s book.” 

Scott R. Jones
Senior Pastor – Grace Church –Houston, Texas
Chairman – Global Network of Christian Ministries

“In October of 2011, I was in a Ministers’ Conference in Phoenix, Arizona and heard Phil Brassfield preach on the subject “Pilgrimage to Pentecost.”  I don’t remember when I have been so stirred in my spirit as that night.  I quickly sought Phil out of the crowd and began to tell him of my delight with his message.  Now, that material and more have been put in book form.”

“I am so happy about this book.  Many people, ministers included, know little about their real destiny and what it takes to get there.  I know Phil has a great book, but to me it is more than a book—it is a Journey to Destiny.  The outpouring at Pentecost, for Israel and the new Church was a great destiny.  But for us, with the Holy Spirit of God, we have only just begun. As you read this book, you will find yourself thinking backwards to your beginnings, and then you will learn more completely how to enjoy the journey to your ultimate destiny.  This is the kind of book I like to give to my friends—and I will do just that.”

“Thank you Phil for your most excellent book and for the revelation of God to us as we read and enjoy what you have written.”

Charles Green, Th. D.
President, Harvest Ministries to the World  

“Dr. Brassfield delivers a life-changing message for those who will drink in and apply the truths revealed in this book. Understanding is here to be found for the discerning and hungry. “Pilgrimage to Pentecost” is filled with powerful insights that can be directly and personally applied to your personal life and the life of the church.”

Oren Paris III
President, Ecclesia College
Springdale, Arkansas

“Having had the privilege to personally be associated with Dr. Phillip Brassfield for nearly 20 years, I assure you that this subject “Pilgrimage to Pentecost” has come out of a heart hungry for God. Dr. Brassfield has dedicated his life to God’s service as he helps many hundreds find their destiny in Christ.”

“As you read each chapter of this book, you will find yourself on this journey, which is your personal pilgrimage to Pentecost. In the book Phil states that “being converted is much more than simply making a decision.” To become a follower of Jesus we must make Him Lord of our lives by obeying and becoming a true follower, a disciple. Dr. Brassfield will help you make the journey, the pilgrimage to your own personal Pentecost.”

Bishop Jabo’ Green
Founding Pastor, Champion Life Centre
Spring, TX